Starting Tuesday 14th April 2020 at 6pm.

Online course - enjoy and learn from the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

Finding Home is a five part workshop series to help you learn and practice tools to bring you back home to yourself. 

Across 5 weeks, we'll guide you through the basics of some incredible transformative tools, giving you the ability to really ground back into yourself, trust your own inner wisdom, and recognise your ability to create whatever it is you want for yourself. 

These workshops will give you the tools to help you calm your nervous system whenever you need to, and tap into a clear thinking and calm space at will.  

$250 AUD for 5 session series.

The topics for the five workshops are:

Week 1: Breathe.

Week 2: Stillness.

Week 3: Heart.

Week 4: Feel.

Week 5: Play.

For the first time ever, this course has been adapted to live stream online workshops. These sessions aren't prerecorded so you'll be able to ask questions from your facilitator and still chat with the other people attending the session. The workshops are held over 5 consecutive weeks on Tuesday evenings, starting on Tuesday 14th April 2020. All sessions start at 6pm AEST and finish at 7:30pm. The amazing bonus to these sessions being online is that we've been able to drop the cost of course by over 50%. 

If you would love to join us but are concerned about the upfront payment, please contact us so we can set you up with a payment plan. We would still love to have you join us! Simply email with your details and we'll organise it for you.


your facilitator

Becky is the owner of Honu Honi Surf and Yoga, and is an experienced yoga, meditation, surfing, and breath work teacher. Becky first came across yoga, meditation and mindfulness while studying at university and struggling with heavy bouts of anxiety and depression. She very much credits these practices as the first steps that totally transformed her life into what it is today. She went from being genuinely too fearful to leave the house to living a life that is full to the brim with adventure and fun.

In 2015, she published a short book called Fearless Soul containing a run through of different mindfulness techniques that she had come across and loved. It hit the best seller list on Amazon and she got to tour up the east coast of Australia teaching seminars and workshops based on the book.

Becky is a qualified yoga teacher and surf instructor and has had the opportunity to present at multiple festivals, universities, companies and events, including the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

She is now dedicated to helping others find that same sense of relief and to re-ignite their own joy through Honu Honi.



"Becky's knowledge on everything is 100% worth the money, her nature and characteristics and calming voice make the way she teaches so unique and beautiful. I would definitely go to this again, it was just what I needed and I felt like I came away having learnt so much more than I expected to."

"Happy and extremely relaxed. The peaceful energy of Becky and the way she managed to accomplish so much whilst still having the evening flow so effortlessly was very much appreciated Also Becky mentioned it was our evening and we did not need to conform to a rigid practice but instead please ourselves and take what we needed or wanted and let anything else go. Perfect. An amazing experience in a calm environment and not to be missed."

"Becky's presence, respectful energy & vitality was wonderful. Becky was the first yoga teacher I have had at <local studio - name withheld> that matched the calibre of teaching I have experienced around the world."