Holding Ground is a 6 month online support and coaching program for leaders, business owners and decision makers. 

The current pandemic is something so different from anything we’ve faced in our lifetimes. For many members of our communities, this time of dismantling the old, and changing and adapting to the new is going to be terrifying. For some people it’s going to open up space for their darkest shadows and ask that they confront things they’ve been trying to run away from for years, or maybe even decades.

I’ve invited you here because you’re a people focused leader. Whether it’s in your official title, or whether you are naturally just the person who connects with others in everything you do, you touch the hearts of many and have the influence and responsibility of affecting so many lives with your words, actions and demeanour.

And that’s why I’m inviting you to let me support you for the next six months. I want you to be able to have the deepest and biggest capacity to hold space for your community, for your people, over the coming months, and to do that without it costing you your own health and well-being.


In times of crisis, our nature as leaders is to run in and give everything we can, the shirt off our back, to those around us to alleviate their suffering. We do this because we know our own strength, we know we can deal with the consequences and we can save someone else the pain. I’m inviting you to let me remind you over and over of that strength, but also to help remind you when you need to reserve that love and energy for yourself. So that you don’t give away so much of your time and energy and your love that you can’t help anyone.

Let me help you keep your cup full and overflowing so that you can continue to give and serve those people who’s lives you touch.

While I certainly see a time of crisis coming, something a bit harder and deeper than where we are currently, I don’t see it lasting at that depth for six months. It is my biggest hope and dream (as an eternal optimist) that we’ll move past that, and as that occurs, the focus of this group will shift too.

This space and pause is gifting us with so many lessons and opportunities alongside the hardship. It’s really essential that as the world begins to open up again, we carry these lessons forward with us to create a human experience so much deeper and richer than the one we have been living. One where we embrace the incredible sense of gratitude of being able to hug each other and spend time with one another. One where we acknowledge how impactful our actions actually are on the environment and how much power we have to use this for the benefit of us and our planet. One where we deeply recognise how interconnected we all are and realise how much our one decision actually impacts so many. One where we understand the value and purpose of rest and relaxation, and don’t feel the need to be in perpetual motion at all times.

Our true leaders need to bring these lessons to light, to truly embody them and blaze the path as we create our new world. It’s a big task I’m asking of you – to be really visible and seen as we move forward out of this. To light that path for others. I want to support you here too. In being comfortable to be seen and heard. In being so confident in leading the way. To hold you in the knowing that the work you’re doing is creating a new way for the world. One that is healing and opening us up to a much more blissful and loving way of existing.

No guarantees that this will be easy work, far from that in fact. I think all of us will find this challenging in unexpected ways. But I deeply believe in you. And I deeply believe in the value of what you do and what you have to offer.

If you know you’re in and are ready to join me, please see the details below and click through to sign up. If you’re feeling deeply called to this but scared or unsure, I’ve written more for you below.  

Holding Ground 6 Months Leadership Support

+ Fortnightly online group calls at 4pm AEST on Wednesdays (1.5 hours), starting Wed 8th April 2020.

+ Private FB group for weekly check ins and peer-to-peer support.

+ A member of a tight network of true leaders who are comitted to step up in times of crisis and lead the way as we rebuild. 

+ Downloadable tools and resources to practice keeping the nervours system in check and our heads clear.

+ Anything extra to support you that comes up as we go along.

Limited to 9 spaces and only on offer now. 

$375 AUD per month for the 6 months. 

Option to pay up front - $2,115 AUD.