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This gorgeous print is of a hand drawn set on Mantras. It make a beautiful gift - particularly for birthday and housewarmings!


The Mantras in the centre are surrounded by swirling mandala style art in rainbow colours that have been drawn completely freehand. This picture was drawn by Honu Honi founder Becky.


The print is A4 in size and ships from Melbourne, Australia. It will be mailed in a cardboard envelope to prevent any creasing.
Prints are produced on 100% post consumer recycled paper (still has a clean white finish).
Prints are printed using vegetable based inks.
Please see other listings for other artwork and framed versions of these prints (in locally produced, recycled timber frames).




The Mantras read:
" Seek out tasks that humble you, and remember you are no better or more important than anyone else.
Count your blessings. Express your gratitude constantly and generously.
Breathe. In, and then out. This is everything.
Remember, you never have to do anything. You get to do a whole lot though.
Any win is awesome, no matter how small.
Every setback, failure or loss is temporary, and it will pass. It doesn't mean you are doomed to failure.
Stick to your morals and ethics, even if it takes longer or costs more.
Regularly examine your opinions.
Put effort into the detail. It is noticed and appreciated.
Let love light you up.

Mantras Mandala A4 Print

  • We do not accept returns.

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