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We love all creatures, great and small. They inspire us and bring a sense of awe whenever they grace us with their presence. 

It won't surprise you to hear that if a dolphin or seal makes an appearance during our surf lessons, that's always the guest highlight for the whole week. 

In committing to environmental regeneration, and in committing to respecting the Wadawurrung people and their lands,  we are also committing to taking care of the creatures we share the Earth with. 

Each one plays an important role that helps all of us thrive. 

We are regular supporters of Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, and at the moment we're obsessed with learning all things about saving our sharks (for real, they're insanely important for the health of the ocean/ us).


We're always open to other ways we can help out, so if you have an idea or cause that needs some love, feel free to reach out to our team.

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