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First Nations' People

We watched as the world unfolded and reacted to the murder of George Floyd in the United States. We felt the deep discomfort of knowing that we had been willingly blind and complicit to something so obviously wrong in our wider global society as well as in our own backyard. This place that we love so deeply and share with you all so passionately. 

We reflected on our own business practices, biases, and lack of knowledge. We made a public pledge via our social media pages to do better. 

This space is for us to be accountable to that pledge. To update you with our real, ongoing actions. To make sure we're doing our bit to ensure access to surfing is fair and equal. To ensure that the voices of the First Nations' People are being heard, respected and amplified. To ensure that they're receiving equal opportunities in our community.

We'd love to see more diversity through surfing, from the ground level all the way through to the highest competitive ranks. And fuck, we'd love to see an Indigenous Australian kid be the World Champ. We're pretty keen to help make that happen.

When you stay at camp with us, you're tangibly helping us to fund the work we do here, and for that we are so very grateful.


to Country

We hope our little home can be a space to learn about the Wadawurrung First Nations’ people and their culture, languages, and traditions.


We’ve reached out to try and organise their involvement in our surf camps so that all our guests have the opportunity to meet and learn directly from them.


We're looking forward to giving time, space, and resources to our local Indigenous people and we're excited for how this is going to deepen our epic camp experience for all our guests and staff alike.


surfing titles

Held at the iconic Bells Beach, this comp is the premier competitive event for Indigenous Surfers from all over Australia.


We've started the process to be a sponsor of the event, and have discussed with organisers other ways we can support the athletes while they're in town.


With Covid-19, there is still much to be confirmed, and therefore so is our involvement. We look forwards to updating this section with something more solid ASAP.  

it takes

a village

Running our surf camps takes a whole village of people, from staff that our guests meet through to business consultants, content producers, marketing and finance advisers and so much more. 

We actively seek out spaces to involve First Nations' people in the work we do, and gratefully accept their critiques and knowledge.


In particular, we'd like to thank, and highly recommend, Wan-Yaari Aboriginal Consultancy Service for their knowledge and time.  

Couple of Kangaroos

All people are welcome on our camps. You are welcome regardless of your skin colour, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or preferences. This is a safe space for anyone who froths over the ocean, wants to learn, and is ready to dive deep into this incredible experience and lifestyle.

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