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We are not your average surf camp.

We’ve got too much goddamn soul for that.

We’re here for the seekers.

The dreamers.

The ones who know this experience can be equal parts the most fun/ liberating/ healing shit without ever needing to take themselves too seriously.

We believe that surfing is an escape to tune out the noise and tune in with what really matters, and we encourage you seek that connection during your stay.

We work hard to make sure you leave with a more well rounded knowledge of the ocean and surfing than just standing up on a board (although, we’ll teach you that too).

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We believe our environment is sacred and we do everything we can to protect it. We actively seek ways we can help restore it.

We believe that the First Nations People who called this land home have soooooo much knowledge about this place, and we pay our respects to them and seek their guidance in how we operate our business to the benefit of people and the land we’re on.


We’re not really interested in having as many people as possible here with us.

We want OUR people.

Our soul fam.


The ones who want to lay under the stars, spend their days getting tumbled by waves, and who wake up to chase the sunrises.



The name Honu Honi was chosen to give thanks, acknowledgement and appreciation to the birthplace of surfing and the culture that surrounds it - Hawaiʻi.

 Directly translated to English Honu Honi is "turtle kiss". 


While snorkeling off of Oʻahu, our owner Becks was approached by a green sea turtle. It got a bit curious and swam all the way up to her and gave her a little headbutt on the head before diving back down into the sea. We took it as a little blessing.

The deep sense of community and the care for our natural environment that is so deeply ingrained in Hawaiian culture is something we actively cultivate on our surf camps. In fact, they're our highest values (that, and having wild amounts of fun). So there felt like no better way to show our commitment to these values than name our business after this sweet encounter, and the rich history of surfing and community that it represents.



Becks is the owner of Honu Honi Surf Camp and Queen of Froth around these parts! (For real, we dare to find someone who cheers louder out in the surf!)

You'll catch her at camp either helping out with the surf or yoga classes, snapping pics, or most likely chowing down on our delicious meals!


Lachie (Wobbs for those in the know) is our surf camp manager and all round legend.


He epitomises our deepest held belief that the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.

He's passionate about organic farming, conservation efforts in the Otways, and sharing his love for this gorgeous stretch of coast with all our guests.



Gemma is our wonderful yoga teacher.

She'll have you turning in and stretching out with the sounds of the ocean as your serene backdrop.

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