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SURF camp FAQs

Can I come by myself?

Absolutely! We love having solo adventurers! You'll feel at home with your new crew so quickly - trust us. There's nothing like bonding over crazy wipeouts! 

Is there an age limit for the surf camps?

Yes, we're an adults-only surf camp. You need to be 18 years or older to come along and have a government-issued photo ID to prove it.  

Where will we be surfing?
Short answer - it depends! We have permits to surf at several different beaches and breaks along the Great Ocean Road. This means that we'll choose the best surf spot on the day, and what's most suitable for the ability level of the group. We have permits for gentle beginner beaches (such as Point Addis), fun longboard breaks (Urquhart Bluff), and open, more intermediate breaks (Fairhaven) to suit any level, and so that we can offer you progressions during your stay with us.

How far in advance should I book?

Basically, the sooner the better to make sure you get the dates you want. We can book months in advance if you need to plan that far ahead with work schedules, etc. 

What is your payment and cancellation policy? 

No refund will be given if cancelled within 7 days of original departure date or if the customer is a no-show for their booking. Processing fees for credit cards and any online booking fees paid will not be refunded should the customer wish to cancel or make changes to their booking.

Honu Honi reserves the sole and exclusive right to postpone or cancel any activity, camp, or tour due to any disaster of either a political or natural nature. These include, but are not limited to; bushfires, floods, political unrest, unsafe beach conditions (including large swell), weather, or any other factor which would make a particular activity or camp unsafe or inadvisable. We always recommend guests take out adequate travel insurance to cover all types of eventualities including those above, as Honu Honi will not provide a refund in any of the above circumstances.

For details relating to Covid-19 regulations and changes, please click here

For a full copy of our terms and conditions, please click here

What should I bring with me?

Bring something to wear under your wetsuit (bather/ swimmers/ jocks), a couple of towels, thongs (flip flops/ sandals for our overseas guests), a water bottle, and make sure you have at least one warm change of clothes (including a jumper or sweater) which are easy to move around in for yoga. We'll provide surfboards, wetsuits, yoga mats, sunscreen, meals, tents, and bedding. You can expect to receive a more comprehensive list of items to bring along in your booking confirmation.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

For beginner surfers, the surf lessons will generally be conducted in waist-to-chest depth water, and you will have the option to stick in closer to the beach. Please let us know if you are not confident in the water so that the surf instructor can keep a closer eye on you. We only employ surf instructors certified by Surfing Victoria and Surfing Australia, which means they hold current surf life-saving qualifications which are updated every year. For those who are wanting to surf out the back/ unbroken green waves, we would want you to feel comfortable and confident to be able to move around in the water without a board as you'll be out a bit deeper.

Do I need to be flexible to do yoga? 

Not at all! Our yoga lessons are all about relaxing the body and tapping into a sense of calm and peace. No need to roll yourself into a pretzel in order to achieve that (although you are welcome to pretzel yourself if that makes you happy).

What sort of meals are we eating?

Awesome question! It depends on the day, but usually it will be something relatively simple and wholesome. The food we serve is always nourishing and plant-based. We can cater to dietary requirements. Just let us know when booking.

Can I bring my own surfboard, guitar, etc.?

On all surf camps, you are welcome to bring your own board for free time use. It's a requirement that foam boards are used during lessons. Please give us a heads up if you have any very bulky items like your own surfboard, guitar, or massive amounts of luggage, especially if you are opting to get transport to and from camp with us as space may be limited. Also please note that surfboards will most likely be strapped onto the roof of our vehicle if we are transporting you and that we'll ask you to sign a waiver for any damage that may be caused by transporting it. Please note that you will be responsible for the safety of everything you bring with you to camp because unfortunately, we can't lock tents.

I have physical or neurological accessibility needs, can I come on camp?

Short answer - it depends on your unique situation. We expect all our guests to be fully autonomous as you'll be left to your own devices for large periods of time. If you require a carer to be with you to meet this requirement, we can arrange a "carer price" that covers their shared accommodation with you and meals for your chosen camp. We will provide them with a wetsuit to use free of charge so they can assist you in the water during your surf lessons, and they'll be expected to be responsible for your wellbeing at all times. We don't have any specialised surfing equipment, nor the number of staff required to fully assist and provide special treatment in the water. If you believe that you could make a good go of it without extra help in the water, and with a standard surfboard, we welcome you to come along. You'll also need to be able to get in and out of camp beds which are low to the ground in a tent, and be able to get in and out of a wetsuit. There is a wheelchair accessible cabin onsite that may be available for an upgraded price, however not all beaches we visit have ramps. We're open to ways we could make this work for you - please contact us and let us know what your situation is and any suggestions you may have.   

Can we bring our pets?

While we would love to have your furry friends with us unfortunately we can't have pets stay with us on the campgrounds. If you have a legal service animal, we may be able to make an exception. Please let us know on your application and we'll see what we can do.

I can't do a weekend or don't want to do a full week. Can I come for a few days mid-week?


I just did a surf camp stay, but I'm hooked! Can I extend my stay?
If we have availability, absolutely! We love working with guests long-term to make sure you're getting the guidance you need to smash it out in the waves! If you know you want to stay longer than a week, please contact us and we can organise a discount for subsequent weeks you stay with us.

Have a question we haven't answered here?

Head over to the contact page and shoot us a message. We're always happy to help.

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