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Mental health and conversations around it are so near and dear to our hearts. 

Many years ago, it was the debilitating symptoms of PTSD (and the anxiety and depression within that), that first saw our owner Becks seek out yoga and meditation. It helped her so much that she became a qualified teacher to help share it with others. But it wasn't until she took up surfing that she saw her life come back into full colours - to something she was so happy and excited to be living. 

In our 'About Us', when we said this shit can be healing, that's coming from lived experience. While we in no way consider ourselves any kind of therapy, over and over again we hear from our guests how much calmer they feel, or that they've been able to hit reset. They feel connected, at peace, and ready to be in their life. 


We actively seek opportunities to contribute to meaningful conversations around mental health, to create safe spaces for people to speak about whatever is going on for them, and to help fund mental health support services. 

Over the past three years, we have been involved and supported not-for-profits Ocean Mind Inc., Livin, and Pocket Smiles in support of the Black Dog Institute.

Owner Becks still regularly speaks on mental health and radical self-care for national companies, at health and wellbeing events and conferences, and at universities. She also published a book, Fearless Soul: A Love Letter To Those Who Were Born To Make A Difference, introducing the basics of meditation, affirmations, and other mindset tools to anyone new to this space.  

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