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WINTER WAVES 6-week program

Want to grow your confidence in the ocean and have wild fun while doing it? This program has been designed to progress your surfing skills, ocean awareness, fitness, and confidence in the water, with instructors who will give you detailed attention and make sure you're having an epic time (because we all know the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun)!


Our current 6-Week Program is under way. Our next 6-Week Program will being the week of August 12th 2024. If you'd like access to spaces prior to them being released to the public, you can join the pre-sale list below.



  • 6 x 2-hour surf lessons with a qualified & experienced surf instructor, running across six consecutive weeks. These lessons will be progressive and dive into practical surfing skills, ocean awareness, mindset tools, and so much more.

  • We'll provide you with a wetsuit, surfboard, and sunscreen for all lessons (you are welcome to use your own if you would prefer to).


We have three different levels running for this current round of Autumn Waves.

  • Level 1A: Complete beginners and those who haven't tried surfing before. We'll be going through all the basics of ocean safety, paddling and standing on your board, and learning to read the waves. Our goal by the end of the program will be to have you standing and starting to turn on your board, and maybe even starting to try for unbroken waves.
    Tuesdays at 10am, starting Jun 11th 2024 for 6 consecutive weeks.
    Saturdays at 10:30am, starting Jun 15th 2024 for 6 consecutive weeks.

  • Level 1B: This program is similar to our 1A beginner's group, but for people who have already done a couple of lessons before. Perfect if you've figure out how to stand in the whitewash and are ready to learn how to paddle out into the unbroken waves!
    Thursdays at 10am, starting Jun 13th 2024 for 6 consecutive weeks.
    Sundays at 8am, starting Jun 16th 2024 for 6 consecutive weeks.


  • Level 2: This group is suitable for people who are wanting to improve their skills in small unbroken waves (1-2ft). Our focus for this group will be good board control in the water, practicing reading the conditions and trimming along the face of unbroken waves, and starting to practice some foundational movements on the face of the wave. You must be confident in your ability to paddle out in 1-2ft waves in the ocean for this level.
    Fridays at 10am, starting Jun 14th 2024 for 6 consecutive weeks.
    Saturdays at 8am, starting Jun 15th 2024 for 6 consecutive weeks.
    Sundays at 10:30am, starting Jun 16th 2024 for 6 consecutive weeks.

Please note, if you're interested in different lesson days and times than those listed above, reach out and let us know! We're keeping a list of requested sessions and as soon as we have enough interest for a different time slot to go ahead, we'll add it to our timetable.

We want to make sure you get the most from your sessions, so we choose the beach with the best conditions on the day. You'll receive a message between 4pm-5pm the night before each session with instructions on where to meet us. We have permits to operate at several beaches along the Great Ocean Road, so lessons may be held anywhere between Torquay and Urquharts Bluff.


Our current 6-Week Program is under way. Our next 6-Week Program will being the week of August 12th 2024. If you'd like access to spaces prior to them being released to the public, you can join the pre-sale list below.


"FIVE STARS BABY! This surf camp has been the most fulfilling experience, with Becky being the most kind and supportive teacher. If you are looking to learn anything about surfing, Honu Honi Surf Camp is the place to go. I feel like I’ve now got a lovely surf community on top of having confidence in the waves. Sign up… you won’t regret it!"

— Jess, Winter Waves June '22 (via Google Reviews) 


"I did the 6 week Winter Waves program for complete beginners on Saturday mornings. Don't let the winter weather put you off, when you're in a wetsuit you don't feel the cold - Honi Honu supply them and surfboards or you can bring your own. Becks is a great instructor and the locations are picturesque. The 2-hour lesson duration is perfect and our group was surfing waves from the first lesson. This was just the motivation I needed to get out there and become a regular surfer. Thanks Becks!"

— Zenon, Winter Waves June '22 (via Facebook Reviews)


frequently asked questions

How are you going to help coach me on my specific goals in a group setting?
On booking, you'll receive a short questionnaire to fill out telling us where you're currently at ability-wise, what you want to work on, and what (if anything) may be holding you back. While we do try and group our lessons with similar abilities, if you have a specific goal in mind, we'll likely bring in an extra instructor and split the surf lesson up further so that you can have coaching on that specific goal.

Do I need to be a good swimmer?
Our complete beginners will be starting out where they can stand, in waist to chest depth water, and we'll never force you to go deeper than where you're comfortable. If you want to paddle out the back, you should be able to comfortably tread water and swim 100-200m unaided, just in case your leg rope snaps and you lose your board.

What happens if I can't make one of the weeks?
We know committing to a 6-week program can be a lot. We'll be running a few make-up classes at the end of the program for anyone who's missed a session. You can also swap into other classes within your program when other students are away. Basically, we'll try and be as flexible as possible to make sure you get everything you can from the program.

Any other questions? Get in contact and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer your inquiry.

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