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We spend all our time playing in the ocean, wandering around the coast, and sleeping under the stars. And we do it in the most beautiful place in the world (in our not-so-humble opinion). 


The Great Ocean Road and its beautiful beaches are honestly jaw dropping, so it's not hard to see how protecting the Earth became so important to us. It's literally at the heart and soul of everything we do here. 

We liked the idea of sustainability and all that jazz, but it seemed a bit vanilla in terms of how much this little ball of rock means to us. So we settled on a policy of environmental regeneration: that is, we work to leave this world better and healthier and more vital than how we found it.  


We're plant powered, baby!

The scientific research has piled up and it's clear that the number one thing we can do for our environment is offer exclusively plant-based (vegan) meals to all our guests! So we do - and you better believe they'll be the most delish meals you've eaten in forever, vegan or no. Eat good food, save the planet. That's a win-win in a big way!

Vegetable Garden

We like to grow!

It matters where our food, equipment, and all the bits and bobs come from. We focus on making local purchases wherever possible and minimizing our food and shipping miles. We have our own veggie gardens that we use to grow fresh as fuck produce to feed you, and we shop at our local farmers' markets and local vendors for anything we possibly can. 

Sea Turtle

We're all about the RRR!

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Leave the straw - save a turtle! We focus on minimizing our waste as much as possible. This means composts for food scrap, buying in bulk to reduce plastic packaging, and choosing environmentally conscious sunscreens, dishwashing detergents, and washing liquids. All the little decisions we make every day are influenced by this commitment we've made to help regenerate the Earth. 

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