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 We are not your average surf camp. We’re the motherfucking unicorn version.

(As in, the one you were hoping your whole life really existed 🦄).



We believe that the First Nations People who called this land home have so much knowledge about this place, and we pay our respects to them and seek their guidance in how we operate our business to the benefit of people and the land we’re on. 

Aboriginal Cultural Dance
Home Grown Vegetables

enviro regeneration

We believe our environment is sacred and we do everything we can to protect it and actively seek ways we can actually help to restore it.

mental health

We believe deeply in taking the best care of ourselves and looking out for our mates. 

Meditating on the Beach
Image by Carl Newton

animal love

We believe that all creatures great and small deserve our love and respect. Here's what we do to play our part. 

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