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We specialise in teaching adults how to progress from standing up on foamboards in the whitewash, to riding along the face of unbroken waves. 

The four core principles that make up our H.H.SURF Method signature framework guarantees progression for our guests, and we apply them across the board during our surf camp experiences.

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Surfing is a sport that has traditionally been passed down from surfer to surfer. That is, there has never been any formal way to teach people new to the sport the mechanics of it – it’s always just ‘this is how I learnt’. There’s never been any requirement for surf instructors to understand human anatomy, physiology, or the exercise science behind surfing.

We bridge that gap.

We come from an exercise physiology background first and then apply that knowledge to learning to surf. This means that we're able to adjust how we teach based on your body's abilities, as well as giving you the knowledge you need to help prevent injuries in the surf, while progressing your technique in the most efficient way possible.

Safer. Faster. Way more fun.

Exercise Physiology
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Mindset is the key to success in all areas of life including surfing. As adults learning a new skill, you may find yourself facing down old fears or mental blocks, feeling super clunky in your movements, or hesitating when you know you should be taking off. These are super common roadblocks we come across while working with our guests.


We've spent years testing out different tools to actively address any mindset blocks that come up while we're surfing, and we now teach these techniques to help you progress further.

Mindset shifts we can help guide you to make include:

  • Building confidence being in the ocean, paddling out and into unbroken waves.

  • Fears around other people in the line up and 'getting in the way'.

  • Building your confidence and knowledge to go surfing alone.

  • Fears around deep water.

  • Moving from fear and anxiousness around the water to calm and fun - especially if you've had a bad surf experience in the past.

And so much more.

It's our absolute pleasure to teach you all that we know, so that you can thrive out in the surf (and on land too).

Surf mindset
Ocean knowledge and awareness logo.png

ocean knowledge
and awareness

Like anything, reading the ocean conditions and waves becomes automatic, almost subconscious behaviour with enough practice. Which is great if you’ve been hanging out in the water for years, but not if you’re just starting out.


We set out the foundations of cultivating excellent ocean awareness, including an in depth understanding of everything that’s happening on the beach (currents, rips, shifting peaks and sandbars, gutters, surf etiquette, tides, etc). You can expect surf and ocean theory to be woven into everything we do.

Most importantly, we teach you how to do it. We don't just tell you, we give you the knowledge and skills to find those answers for yourself so that you can apply what you learn to any beach or break you go to in the world.


With continued practice, reading and understanding the conditions and features of the beach will become second nature to you too.

Ocean knowledge and awareness
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FIRST Principle

Our experience working in the surf industry has taught us that adults improve their surfing faster when they're enjoying themselves - not joking. The more you enjoy it, the easier it is to go out for a paddle. The more you head out, the better you get.

Simple maths.


Learning to surf is messy and hilarious - no one looks smooth while wiping out. It can be easy to get lost in a progress-only mindset and place loads of pressure on how you're surfing - needing it to be something in particular, to achieve something in particular.


When you place huge amounts of pressure on your surfing (and yourself), it can lead to frustration and fear, and sometimes even getting worse results. We've experienced this ourselves and have seen it in lessons in the past. Learning to surf from a place of pure pleasure, curiosity, and play is a freakin' game-changer!


It's the heart of our H.H.SURF Method, and might even change the way you approach all of life (big call, we know - prove us wrong).

Pleasure first principle
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