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let's begin: ARRIVAL





day 1


A breakfast box will be left in the tents for you to help yourself to breakfast at whatever time you like. It'll be topped up each night for the next day.


Surf's Up
At 9:45am, we’ll head down to the surf school to get ready for your first surf lesson.

Lunch & Leisure
At 12:45pm we'll be serving up an epic lunch for you to chow down on after a fun morning of playing in the waves! Bring your appetite! Then you've got the afternoon to do as you wish! Take a board and wettie and head back out for a surf, explore Torquay and hit the surf shop outlet stores, go for a swim, check out the Australian National Surf Museum, road trip down the Great Ocean Road, walk the Surf Coast Walk from camp to Bells Beach (8km one way), or relax, nap, and read a book!


It's Yoga Time

At 5pm, we'll all meet back at camp for a relaxing yoga session to stretch out and wind down.

Dinner & Evening Vibes
At 6:30pm, it's dinner time baby! We sit down for a family dinner and laugh about who got the best wipeout for the day!
The evening is then yours to do with as you please. Go for a night walk and stargaze, card games, acoustic sing-alongs - the choice is yours!

day 2

It's Breaky Time!

Help yourself to breaky - load up for an incredible day!

Final Surf lesson
10am - it's our final surf lesson! Hopefully by now we've gone over all the things you wanted to learn while you're with us and you can refine those skills!

Lunch O'Clock

At 12:45pm we're going ot have our last lunch together and the official end of camp! (We're not crying, you're crying).

If you have a transfer booked from camp to Waurn Ponds station, we'll take you straight after lunch. If you're self-driving, you can pack up and move out of camp after lunch too, but you still have access to use boards and wetsuits for the rest of the day if you would like. 


Got your head around this big adventure? Good.

Now let's cover the nitty-gritty details so that we're organised!


Bring something to swim and surf in (bather/ swimmers/ jocks), beach footwear (or go barefoot like the locals), workout shoes and attire, a towel (we'd pack two), a water bottle, warm clothes (it can get chilly, especially at night), and something easy to move around in for yoga. FYI: we don’t recommend wearing board shorts under your wetsuit as they tend to ride up and can give you a pretty nasty rash. It does rain down here so be prepared for that – a waterproof jacket is ideal.

If you are musically inclined and want to bring your guitar or something similar, please feel free to. Just note that we need to stick with the campground policies of being quiet after 10 pm and we always want to be super mindful of our neighbours.

You're welcome to bring your own surfboard/wetsuit if you have them. Just note, we may not be able to let you use your fibreglass board in the lesson - it just depends on the class size and conditions. Safety first!

We provide incredibly delicious and filling meals for you, but you're so welcome to bring any snacks, drinks, etc. that you want. There are supermarkets within walking distance (10-20mins) as well as loads of takeaway places and shops.

If you have sensitive skin and think you’ll potentially be allergic to the sunscreen we provide, please bring your own that is suitable for your skin.

FREQuently asked questions

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?
The beginner surf lesson will be conducted in waist-to-chest depth water and you will have the option to stick in closer to the beach. Please let us know if you are not confident in the water so that the surf instructor can keep a closer eye on you. We only use certified surf instructors, which means that they are required to pass surf life-saving tests yearly in order to maintain their qualification. If you're wanting to surf out the back/ in deeper water, we'll expect you to be able to move through the water confidently without a surfboard.

What's the go with shared camping?
Our bell tents are HUGE! No really, your accommodation are 5m x 5m tents so you'll have plenty of space, even while sharing with other humans. If you're booking with friends we'll always put you together. The max. number sharing in a tent is 4 people. If it's not your jam, you can pay to upgrade to a private tent. Just give us a call and we'll sort it out for you!

Do I need to be flexible to do yoga/fit to do the workouts?
Not at all! All our fitness-based elements can be adjusted so you work at your own pace and level! They're here to help and serve you, not punish you (unless that's your style)!

So, the meals are all plant-based?
Yes!!! And fucking delicious!! We care ridiculously much about the environment and taking the best care of it that we can (because, you know, we paddle around in it all day long). After a while, the research and data added up and we realised the number one thing we could do would be to exclusively serve plant-based (also known as vegan) meals. So we do. But we've never lost sight of the fact that food is life so you best believe that this is the best freaking food you'll eat in a long time - vegan or not. And don't worry, there's always lots of it! We won't let you go hungry! We can cater to dietary requirements - just let us know when you book.

What we supply

We have your tent and all your linen and bedding etc. set up and ready to go when you arrive. We ask that you please don’t use your own in our tents. If you have any questions about this, please get in contact with us.

We supply you with everything you need for your surf lesson – board, wetsuit, sunscreen, and an instructor. You’ll just need swimmers (unless you’re brave enough to go commando in a shared wetsuit - that's your life choice), and a towel for afterward (and maybe your drink bottle if it's a hot day).

We’ve got enough yoga mats for everyone so no need to bring your own down unless you really, really want to show off your own mat!

We’ll be cooking up lunches Day 1 and Day 2, and dinners for arrival and Day 1 for you. If you want to skip one of our incredible home-cooked meals to eat out or do your own thing, you’re most welcome to. Please just let our staff know as early as possible so that we’re not waiting around to feed you.

I had the best time at Honu Honi.

We were looked after amazingly and could enjoy a weekend of surfing and nature in a very comfortable way. Can’t wait to be back to this special experience.

Maria Elisa Ferreira Silva

about honu honi

We’re here for the seekers. The dreamers. 

The ones who want to lay under the stars, spend their days getting tumbled by waves, and who wake up to chase the sunrises. The ones who know this experience can be equal parts the most fun/liberating/healing without ever needing to take themselves too seriously.


We believe that surfing is an escape to tune out the noise and tune in with what really matters, and we encourage you to seek that connection during your stay. We're here for our soul fam.

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